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Pollo is a DeFi Project being offered over BSC which aims to make Basic Income a reality.
Since starting Pollo Swap on 17 March 2021, it is offering innovative protocols in rapid succession.

  • Protocol 1 – Pollo Swap (Yield Farming)
  • Protocol 2 – Pollo Basic Income (Seigniorage)
  • Protocol 3 – Pollo Vaults (Auto Farming)

Pollo consists of a team of top-level developers and cryptocurrency experts to offer a transparent DeFi Service.

Feature 1 –
Promotes Circular Economy

PoFi earnt through Pollo Swap is not a token that has no use but to be sold. It can be utilized in Pollo Basic Income and Pollo Vaults, and it is likely that it will actually act like a pick to mine gold.

Feature 2 –
High Reliability

So that you can participate worry-free, the code is released on GitHub and many Audits are being undertaken one by one.

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Feature 3 –
Differentiation from Other Projects

So that people don’t get lost, we have used a simple and user-friendly interface. We have adopted the current UI by paying honorable respect to Uniswap and PancakeSwap which were the forerunners of Yield Farms.
Don’t be fooled by the cute looks though. There are many appealing points that don’t exist in other projects.

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GET Referral Program

Pollo has referrals. By issuing a specific to you, you can receive a referral bonus. Share your link and gain rewards! For more details, participate in Telegram and check the pinned message!


Pollo has a dream future we want to realize. Even if it seems impossible, it is definitely possible if we are in this together. We soon plan on publishing Whitepapaer Version 2 which outlines the technical explanations.



Even if you don’t have time to read the Whitepaper, please make sure you look at the Roadmap.It has been decided that Pollo will be transitioning its managements structure to a DAO eventually. We refer to the first 3 months as the ‘3-Month Miracle’ because that is period in which the goals will be achieved and will be the most exciting time. Participating in this period is sure to have many merits.



In the cryptocurrency world where rapid progress and advances are made, it is important to consider the possibilities and risks of coding issues and security holes. In order to minimize these risks so that you can participate in this without worry, we have selected trustworthy auditors to conduct audits one by one.